About Us






$73 per day, includes all high end feed supplements plus veterinary,farrier and float fee's only.

Stable Philosophy






Is simplistic in nature but effective in terms of results.  We believe in Foundation first and foremost before your horse goes to the races.  The reason we limit numbers is so that we can ensure we read every horse accurately and adjust training to what best suits the individual horse.  Once we utilize all of our training options the horses are then sent out into 2-4 day paddocks which are rotated to ensure plenty of fresh grass.  The relaxed environment and grass flushing the system is one of the stables biggest assets.  Overnight horses are stabled in solid redgum sand yards and large stallion boxes.  Once up and racing the options open to the stable generally mean that horses can continue to hold form long into a preparation.




Your horse is provided every oppurtunity to display it's ability - With no shortcuts.   Apart from sand and grass training tracks located at the Stawell Racecourse the Stable alsov utilizes a High speed treadmill, swimming facilities and purpose built exerciser / walking machine.  This boutique Training operation by way of numbers ensures that each horse receives personal and hands on attention. In addition the Stable concentrates on a variance of training routines and provides a visually appealing and stress free environment.

Straight Forward




Operating a small stable enables us to have personal and direct communication with all stable clients.  Honest assesments are provided and horses are placed to give them every oppurtunity of winning prizemoney for owners.



An Alternative





The Stable consistently achieves a winning strike rate of 20% and a place strike rate of 40%.. If you are looking for an alternative to all of the Horse Syndication companies, we offer a genuine way to enjoy racing, with both the stable and existing stable clients. Partnership opportunities are normally available or phone Doug direct for Sale inspections and intended purchases.